Payment Processing in FileMaker Pro

WorqSmart's eAuthorize 5.3 plug-in extends the functionality of FileMaker Pro by providing a method to process credit card transactions and electronic checks directly from your FileMaker Solution. eAuthorize 5.3 connects to your online payment gateway to process your payments instantly and securely.

Business Software Solutions

We use FileMaker Pro, Java, PHP, Servoy and a number of other technologies to build custom database capable of running multiple aspects of your business. Let us help you with database driven websites, inventory management, and customer tracking. WorqSmart uses technology to solve your business needs.

What’s New

eAuthorize 5.3

Our credit card authorization work-horse has been upgraded to use the POST method to send transactions to This update is in response to changes made by the gateway. In addition, eAuthorize 5.3 has been redesigned to use 64-bit technology, making it compatible with 64-bit versions of FileMaker.