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eAuthorize Discontinued

As of 4/20/21, eAuthorize, Worqsmart’s FileMaker e-commerce plug-in, will be discontinued. No support will be available for this product. To all our customers who used eAuthorize successfully in their businesses for so many years, we thank you. TLS Disablement Notice

Recently, you may have seen a notice from announcing that they will be disabling early TLS* (version 1.0 or 1.1). New PCI DSS requirements state that all payments systems must disable early TLS by 2018. has already disabled

eAuthorize and EMV Chip Technology

As you are most likely aware, credit card issuers have begun to release credit cards which include “a chip.” EMV chips are a more secure alternative for taking payment on a card which is physically present for a transaction. EMV

eAuthorize 5.3 is NOW available!

Worqsmart is proud to announce the release of eAuthorize 5.3 which will use the POST method to send transactions to This update is in response to changes made by the gateway. To improve security, now requires the use

How do changes at impact eAuthorize?

What’s happening? Basically, is moving their services to a new provider. They already have the new service setup and it’s running in conjunction with the old service until June 2016. The existing links all still point to the old service. They

eAuthorize 5.2 not loading in FileMaker 14

If FileMaker Pro 14 is running 64-bit, the eAuthorize 5.2 plugin will not load. FMP14 can, however, be opened in 32-bit mode if you follow these steps. • Browse to Applications/FileMaker Pro 14/ • Control-click the FileMaker Pro 14 app

eAuthorize Plug-in Goes Into Demo Mode

The demo mode is designed to allow the plugin to function for one hour after FileMaker has been launched. After that hour is up, the plugin will instead give the demo mode message. Restarting the FileMaker application corrects this error

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PCI Compliance

eAuthorize is a FileMaker plug-in that allows you to transmit data from a FileMaker database to an internet gateway for the purpose of credit card authorization. eAuthorize acts a conduit, responsible for communication between your database and an internet gateway.

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eAuthorize 5.2 Release

WorqSmart is pleased to announce the release of eAuthorize 5.2 FileMaker plug-in. New in this release is support for’s partial payment capability. This feature will allow you to take advantage of’s ability to accept a split tender order,

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Problems with Card Swipe – Multiple Authorizations

There may be two scenarios when multiple authorizations of a single card may occur: First: Typically the swipe and the command to send the transaction for processing are two different things. The card is swiped through the reader so the

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