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eAuthorize SSL 3.0 Support

The operating system services for communication are being used for SSL support. When a URL type of https:// is used by the eAuthorize plugin, it requests this connection from the operating system, so if the operating system has SSL 3.0

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Ability Quotation – William James

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second. Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.

QuoteSmart Lite – FREE

QuoteSmart Lite is a FREE slimmed down version of our QuoteSmart product.

CourseWizard 5.5 Lite – FREE

CourseWizard Lite is free of charge to organizations with fewer than 100 users. CourseWizard Lite includes the important core features of our CourseWizard Pro product, but is basically a slimmed-down, as-is version, which will be hosted by the organization on

CourseWizard 5.5 FileMaker Pro 9 Companion

We’ve fully integrated the CourseWizard MySQL tables into the FileMaker companion database using FileMaker 9’s ability to use external data sources within the FileMaker development and user environments. No more exports and imports, plus the data is real-time.

QuoteSmart – What is it?

QuoteSmart is designed for gathering your own personal favorite quotations, sayings, poems, philosophies, wisdom, verses, and passages. Not only can you compile your own wisdom, but this clever little database houses a collection of over 6,000 motivational quotations, expressions, and

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eNews – September 2008

WorqSmart eNews – September 2008 [01] eAuthorize 5 for 5-Credit Card Processing from Your FileMaker Database [02] eAuthorize – Integration Services [03] QuoteSmart-The Power of Positive Thinking at Your Fingertips [04] WorqSmart Welcomes Back Vicky Wells [05] Project Management Services

eAuthorize 5.0 FileMaker Pro 5 through 9 Support

FileMaker Pro 5 through 9 Support For Windows, all releases of FileMaker Pro between versions 5 and 9 are supported, and example files in both .fp5 and .fp7 format are included for your reference. For Mac, FileMaker Pro 7, 8,

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eNews – July 2008

WorqSmart FileMaker DevCon eNews [01] Ask an Expert! [02] New Release – CourseWizard Lite [03] New Release – CourseWizard Pro 5.5 sports new features [04] New Release – eAuthorize 5 for 5 versions of FileMaker Pro! [05] New Release –

Events 4.5 can it work server-side

Can Events 4.5 work server-side?

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