Events 4.0 doesn’t appear

For FileMaker 7 AND FileMaker 8:

All Windows users must install the .NET Framework, available FREE from Microsoft, to utilize the Windows version of the Events 4.0 plug-in. If the .NET Framework is not installed, the plug-in will fail to appear in FileMaker’s list of available plug-ins.

For more information on getting the .NET Framework from Microsoft, please visit:

To directly resolve this issue, you can download the Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable 1.1 from Microsoft’s website at:

You can also run Windows Update to do the download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework.

For FileMaker 8:

There is also a DLL issue with FileMaker 8 on Windows that can cause the plug-in to fail to load even if the .NET Framework is properly installed. The msvcr70.dll file must be present or the Events 4 plug-in will fail to appear under FileMaker’s application preferences.

The msvcr70.dll file should be located in the FileMaker Pro 8 application directory. By default, FileMaker Pro 8 is installed in the Program Files directory at the following path:

C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker Pro 8

If you do not have the msvcr70.dll in the FileMaker Pro 8 application directory, you can download it from here: