CourseWizard 5.5 will efficiently assist you in coordinating your professional development program. It reduces operating expenses by streamlining the professional development process. CourseWizard 5.5 allows the Administrators of professional development programs to focus on people instead of paperwork. Participants save hours researching, tracking, and registering for classes. Instructors can easily manage the participants of the various courses they are teaching. What’s more, CourseWizard 5.5 tracks all of the data you need to satisfy management and government agencies.

The Professional Development Challenge
With the rapid pace of change today, it is increasingly important to offer continuing education opportunities for teachers, professors and instructors. What’s more, state governments are imposing stricter standards for such programs. You may find yourself in the position of trying to manage these programs with a complex array of spreadsheets, books and paper. The process is cumbersome, time consuming and often totally out of hand. 

Institutes need to stay competitive by continually encouraging their employees to advance themselves by learning about subjects that would help them improve or enhance their quality of work, team involvement, personal growth and more. Often, managing this professional development program becomes quite cumbersome.

The Solution
CourseWizard 5.5 is a simple, but rock solid solution that will help you handle your professional development program quickly and effectively.

CourseWizard 5.5 houses all the information pertaining to your professional development program. It helps you maintain information regarding your course catalog, course locations, participants, instructors, course evaluations, transcripts, surveys and more. Because the information is centralized, CourseWizard 5.5 can tie important information together to answer questions about your professional development program — like how much interest there is in the off-site location, who is behind on training, or how you’re doing with state standards compliance.