CourseWizard Features

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FileMaker Companion
We’ve fully integrated the CourseWizard MySQL tables into the FileMaker companion database using FileMaker’s ability to use external data sources within the FileMaker development and user environments. No more exports and imports, plus the data is real-time.

Course Calendar
Now you can display the upcoming course offerings by month.

Customize the login page
CourseWizard 5.5 gives you the ability to customize your log in page to give it the look and feel of you existing web presence.

Create custom user and location fields
If you need special user or location identifiers, CourseWizard allows you to add custom fields to accommodate that information.

Import new users and locations
Easily import your existing users or locations from a variety of file formats at the push of a button.

Exceptionally easy to use
CourseWizard 5.5 has a highly intuitive interface. While we were designing CourseWizard 5.5, “simplicity” was always kept in mind. To use CourseWizard 5.5 all you need is a web browser.

Zero installation
CourseWizard 5.5 is a web service. You do not have to go through any cumbersome installation procedures. Moreover, you will get code updates automatically! Read about our CourseWizard Hosting Service.

Rock of Gibraltar
CourseWizard 5.5 is robust. Data related to your staff development can grow exponentially. CourseWizard 5.5 is built to handle that.

Flexible Course Catalog
You have complete flexibility in the way you want to structure your course catalog. You can create the course catalog to suit your needs.

Course Evaluations
To evaluate course content or to evaluate an instructor, you have the option of administering course evaluation questionnaires to course participants.

CourseWizard 5.5 allows you to create and conduct surveys.

Email Reminders
CourseWizard 5.5 sends out email reminders when various events occur. For example, course participants often forget about their registration to courses. CourseWizard 5.5 allows you to send out email notifications to remind course participants about their course registration. Some of the other events when email reminders are sent out are: cancellation or deletion of a course offering, dropping a course participant from a course, changing instructor(s) or location information of a course offering etc.

Professional Credit Report
List users who have earned professional credit. 

Create new or edit existing course completion Certificates. 

Offer a course by invitation only
If you have created coursework intended for a limited audience, CourseWizard provides you with a way to invite only your targeted staff.

Offer paid courses and pay for classes online
Do you need a way to collect fees related to coursework? CourseWizard allows you to accept payment for courses online via credit card. 

PDF Reports
CourseWizard 5.5 offers various reports. All reports are in PDF format, so that they can be printed easily. You can generate sign-up sheets, class rosters, course catalog, transcripts and much more. 

Custom Reports
You can export your data from CourseWizard 5.5 in an XML format that you can later import into FileMaker 7. You can then create custom reports of your data in FileMaker. The XML data can be transformed into other formats as well. This would allow you to use other tools to create your custom reports. 

Grading Categories
You can assign Credit Hours/Clock Hours to course offerings. For example, you could give 4 Technology credits and 3 Communication credits to course participants. 

Participant Account Creation
The CourseWizard 5.5 Administrator can now specify whether he or she wants to allow or disallow users to create their own participant accounts. 

CourseWizard 5.5 has a feature that allows the user to ask a “Frequently Asked Question” (FAQ) regarding a course, an instructor, a location or a question of a general nature. 

Multiple Roles
This feature allows a user to have a combination of roles. You could be a participant, an instructor or an administrator or a combination thereof. 

CourseWizard 5.5 was built keeping security of data in mind. All data is tunneled through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).