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Events 3.0 for FileMaker versions 4, 5, and 6:
The Events 3.0 plug-in will NOT work in FileMaker Pro 7. If you wish to use the Events plug-in in FileMaker 7, please check out Events 4.5.
With our Events 3.0 plug-in you can execute a script:

  • When a record is created or modified.
  • When a field is modified.
  • Immediately where the database and/or script is dependent on field data.
  • On a schedule (every 3 hours, nightly, weekly and more!)
  • To open a database locally or from a server with a specified password.
  • To open or close databases on a schedule.


  • Schedule the opening and closing of files, as well as the execution of scripts.
  • Improved performance; scripts run immediately when requested.
  • Improved reliability; if FileMaker is busy when a script should run, it will run as soon as possible; if you set up a script to execute when a field is modified, it will execute no matter how the field is modified (direct entry, set field script steps, replace, update from Web Companion, update from AppleScript etc…)
  • Simplified and expanded external function interface.
  • Improved Event Manager; to schedule events (opening databases, closing databases and executing scripts), you don’t need to write a single script.

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