Events 4.5 Features

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FileMaker Pro 7-12 support
Events 4.5 works with FileMaker Pro 7-12.

Completely Re-built
The Events Plug-in 4.5 has been re-written to support the new Intel Core 2 Duo processors for Mac and to support the new API provided by FileMaker, Inc. By doing so, we made it easier for the user to use the plug-in (removing the Microsoft .NET dependency and utilizing the C++ Standard Template Library). One of the major enhancements we’ve made for this new version is the implementation of secure SMTP with optional parameters and support for rich text email, which provides the ability to send multi-part MIME (text and HTML) email as the result of some action, or by scheduling the sending of email at some future time.

Triggers on record creation, view, entry, exit, or deletion
You can perform an action when a record is created, viewed, entered, exited, or even deleted.

Triggers on field exit (via validation formula)
Actions can be performed when you exit a field (i.e. by tabbing out or committing the record).

Triggers on layout entry
Actions can also be performed upon displaying a layout.

Triggers on field initialization
Actions can occur when an Auto-Enter Calculation is evaluated (which occurs on record creation, and can occur when referenced fields are updated).

Triggers on global drop-down list changes
FileMaker 7-11 allow a global field to be validated by a calculation. Thus, Events can trigger an action when a global field is changed, even when the global field is presented as a drop-down list.

Supports multiple tokens
Any number of separate pieces of information may be stored with an Event, for use by the triggered script. The script writer may separately request each such piece, easing development.

When you schedule an event, you can trust Events 4.5 to execute it when you need it to be done.

Triggers when a calculation field is calculated
Actions can occur any time a Calculation field’s formula is evaluated. For a Stored Calculation field, this occurs when a record is created or a referenced field changes. For an Unstored Calculation field, this occurs when the field’s value is needed (by another formula’s evaluation or a layout’s display).

Triggers at a specified time or recurringly
Many scheduling options exist. You can trigger an event at a specified date & time or even yearly, monthly (including “second Tuesday & third Wednesday!”), weekly, or daily. Of course, you may specify a relative time, i.e., a number of hours, minutes, and/or seconds from “now.”

Allows events to be disabled
There is no need to delete an event to prevent it from running; the event can simply be temporarily disabled. Also, all events (of a specified type) may be temporarily “disallowed;” this is used when updating a set of fields in a script, where modification of the fields normally triggers events, to prevent such inappropriate “side-effects.”

Opens files
The “OPENFILE” action allows you to open any local (or network) file, just as if you had “double-clicked” it (in Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder). This may be used to open another FileMaker database file via your operating system’s file system (but not yet via FileMaker Server, nor via a computer which is acting as a FileMaker file server via FileMaker Network Sharing using TCP/IP).

Sends Email and attachments
Now, with Events 4.5, in additon to triggering a script, an available action is sending an email message.

Send Email with attachments
Each message can also include any number of attachments (files) of any size.