QuoteSmart Features

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Fun and Easy to Use
This unique tool makes it easy to find and share empowering and insightful thoughts.

Find Quotations by Author, Category, Text, Year, Your Notes and Your Ratings

  • Select a category to see all authors and quotes related to the selected category.
  • Select an author to see all quotations related to the selected author.
  • Select a category and then an author to see all quotations related to the category and the author.
  • Use the Find feature to find quotes by any combination of author, category, year, your own notes, your rating or by quote text

Wiki, Google, Dictionary and Amazon Links
Click a tab and instantly view dynamic web pages that display:

  • Wikipedia entries for the selected author
  • Google search results for the selected author
  • Amazon.com product results for the selected author
  • Dictionary.com results for a particular category

Print Quotations
Print just one or a whole list of your favorite quotes to keep on your desk, to post on your wall or to share with others

Email Quotations
Just click a button to send an email with a single signature quote or send a list of found quotes to a friend, a colleague or loved one!

Rate Quotations
Rate your favorite quotes on a scale of 1 to 5

Sort Quotations
Sort your selected quotes by author, category, year, your rating, etc.

Add Quotations
Add your own favorite quotes to print, email and share

Add Notes
Add your own notes to quotes you choose