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eAuthorize Plug-in Goes Into Demo Mode

The demo mode is designed to allow the plugin to function for one hour after FileMaker has been launched. After that hour is up, the plugin will instead give the demo mode message. Restarting the FileMaker application corrects this error

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PCI Compliance

eAuthorize is a FileMaker plug-in that allows you to transmit data from a FileMaker database to an internet gateway for the purpose of credit card authorization. eAuthorize acts a conduit, responsible for communication between your database and an internet gateway.

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eAuthorize 5.2 Release

WorqSmart is pleased to announce the release of eAuthorize 5.2 FileMaker plug-in. New in this release is support for Authorize.net’s partial payment capability. This feature will allow you to take advantage of Authorize.net’s ability to accept a split tender order,

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Authorize.net New MasterCard and Discover Processing Requirements – Update

Recently, users of Authorize.net where notified of changes to the gateway prompted by MasterCard and Discover modifying their rules concerning the processing of debit, prepaid and gift cards. We have been researching the impact of these changes on the eAuthorize

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Phishing Email Scam Authorize.Net

We been alerted to a phishing email that many of Authroize.net merchants have been receiving. It appears to come from Authorize.Net and wants you to click a link to reactivate your account. Please don’t do this! If you receive any

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