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eAuthorize Plug-in Goes Into Demo Mode

The demo mode is designed to allow the plugin to function for one hour after FileMaker has been launched. After that hour is up, the plugin will instead give the demo mode message. Restarting the FileMaker application corrects this error

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Problems with Card Swipe – Multiple Authorizations

There may be two scenarios when multiple authorizations of a single card may occur: First: Typically the swipe and the command to send the transaction for processing are two different things. The card is swiped through the reader so the

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Can you submit a batch of transactions using eAuthorize?

This is a yes and no type answer. eAuthorize does not support a batch upload of a single file containing multiple transaction requests for the gateway to process. Receiving reporting back on the success or failure of the transaction is

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Authorize.net New MasterCard and Discover Processing Requirements – Update

Recently, users of Authorize.net where notified of changes to the gateway prompted by MasterCard and Discover modifying their rules concerning the processing of debit, prepaid and gift cards. We have been researching the impact of these changes on the eAuthorize

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Does data transfer via eAuthorize automatically or does it require a user interface?

It doesn’t require that you login to any interface on the payment gateway. You never have to leave your database to conduct the charge. You can fully integrate it into your database so you can pull up the record that

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Is the information sent via eAuthorize more secure, encrypted?

The information is transferred to the payment gateway over a standard Internet connection. The entire transfer is done using encryption to provide security as the credit card information and response is sent and received.

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We currently pass credit card data to the payment gateway via an import file. How is eAuthorize different, can it help us?

If you are currently exporting your transactions from your database in a file, uploading that specially formatted file to a payment processor, and then the processor is running the transactions, eAuthorize can help The advantage of eAuthorize is that it

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eAuthorize 3.5 No Longer for Sale from our Website

Due to the recurring I/O exception error, and due to the recent changes to the PayPal gateway which render this product unusable on that gateway, we are removing this product for sale from our website. If you are a Windows

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eAuthorize 3.5 – I/O Exception Error

Over the last month we have been receiving more and more reports of an I/O Exception error which causes transactions to fail. The error seems to be limited to users running any Mac OS and using the Authorize.net gateway. The

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eAuthorize SSL 3.0 Support

The operating system services for communication are being used for SSL support. When a URL type of https:// is used by the eAuthorize plugin, it requests this connection from the operating system, so if the operating system has SSL 3.0

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