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eAuthorize 5.1.3 – Bug Fix Release

The purpose of this release is to correct three bugs that have come to our attention since the initial release of this product. These fixes are specifically for the the Paypal Gateway, as no other gateways were impacted by these

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WorqSmart Announces the Release of eAuthorize 5.1

It is with great pleasure (a little bit of relief) that WorqSmart announces the release of eAuthorize 5.1. This product update is in response to the changes made to the PayPal/Payflow Pro payment gateway. The changes make the gateway even

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eAuthorize 5.1 release targeted for September 1

eAuthorize 5.1, which will be compatible with the update to the Payflow gateway service, is in the testing phase and all indicators point to a September 1, 2009 release date. According to our source at PayPal, “The official target date

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COMING SOON – eAuthorize 5 with upgraded Versign/PayPal compatibility

As many of you know, Verisign/PayPal has announced changes to their gateway this year. These changes are scheduled to take place in September. We are currently working to make sure that our eAuthorize 5.0 plug-in is compliant with the changes

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