Citigroup/Citibank has been working with WorqSmart employees since 1991. Our needs have grown exponentially over the past 16 years, and Worqsmart has always gone above and beyond in meeting those needs. Worqsmart has always provided us with the most sophisticated business intelligence applications and business solutions.

 – Curt Hannaman, Vice-President, Citigroup
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I have found that our WorqSmart developers are quick to learn the nuances of our business processes and use that understanding to take complex business logic and simplify it into an intuitive solution.

– Elizabeth Field, Engineer Sr., Honeywell Int’l.
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WorqSmart is our trusted partner in business systems development. Our complex operations, including purchasing, inventory, customer contacts, sales, web applications, networking and distribution require custom systems. These systems were well developed and perfectly integrated thanks to WorqSmart’s expert staff. We look forward to continuing to build our business in partnership with WorqSmart.

– Cris Caruso, President, Goober Pet Direct
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WorqSmart has also done work with Mayo Clinic, a healthcare provider, to develop a medicinal-tracking system.

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I have downloaded your [eAuthorize] plug-in and documentation and it appears to be superior to that of your competition. The examples are very clearly written. I will be recommending a purchase of your software this week to the CEO of the art center.

– Allan Peach, Mactintosh Consultant

The support we received from Andrew Kohtz at Worqsmart for a client of ours was simply outstanding. We were contacted immediately with a detailed explanation and several resolutions were offered for a product that was several years old. As a member of the Apple Consultants Network troubleshooting Macs every day, I wish more software companies shared the philosophy and attitude of Worqsmart. Just very impressive.

– Dave Morrison, Owner, MacWorks Incorporated