Goober Pet Direct Testimonial

Business Solution – a FileMaker CRM, ERP, eCommerce business application

Company Background
Goober Pet Direct is a Mesa, Arizona-based pet product warehouse. They provide free delivery of premium pet food and supplies to pet owners in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. Goober uses FileMaker Pro to help them run almost every aspect of their business, including handling point-of-sale transactions, web sales, financial reporting, EDI integration, inventory control, customer relationship management, marketing, and much more.

Business Challenge
Not too long ago, Goober Pet Direct, a small growing business, was running their business the old fashioned way, using pen and paper. “Automation” consisted of Excel spreadsheets and Word files. They managed orders via phone, fax and email. They had no web presence. They had no central data warehouse to gather, relate or an easily analyze all of their data. Running the business was very manual and paper intensive. There were very few controls and no ability to understand the past or to predict the future.

Upon analysis, Cris and WorqSmart determined that Goober needed a front-office customer relationship management (CRM) tool, back-office enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool, and an e-commerce website in one integrated application. They required the modularity and flexibility to meet their specific business needs.

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Cris Caruso, owner of Goober, asked WorqSmart to partner with him and his staff to design and build an application to reinvent his business processes. He wanted to simplify, automate, and streamline. He required a web site that could market and sell his premium pet food. Cris needed reports and tools to help him analyze his business progress and predict the future.

Cris recognized the value of building a comprehensive database application to automate and streamline his operations. Once his data was organized, he acknowledged the power of harnessing the data to effectively market and sell items to pet lovers in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. He also understood the value of being able to know up to the minute statistical information about all aspects of his business.


WorqSmart has worked with Cris and his staff to systematically build and evolve a custom software application and business processes starting with Goober’s very first system using FileMaker Pro 5. WorqSmart ultimately migrated Goober’s 15 file database to a single file, FileMaker 8 database. We built their e-commerce website using PHP and FileMaker 8 Server Advanced.

Productivity, sales, and employee morale all improved. His staff is more empowered to help Goober customers. Cris is much more informed and in control of his data and business, including the ability to more accurately predict and plan the future. This control and access to important data online has allowed Cris to work from home and spend more time with his young daughter.


WorqSmart is our trusted partner in business systems development. Our complex operations, including purchasing, inventory, customer contacts, sales, web applications, networking and distribution require custom systems. These systems were well developed and perfectly integrated thanks to WorqSmart’s expert staff. We look forward to continuing to build our business in partnership with WorqSmart.

-Cris Caruso
President, Goober Pet Direct