Honeywell Testimonial

Government Solution – a FileMaker > Servoy/Java equipment management application

Business Challenge
A large government agency wanted to better manage their vehicles, engines, parts, and maintenance. They didn’t easily know how long a part was lasting; how often it was replaced; the symptoms that caused a failure; they did not know the status of each vehicle or the health of their fleet, overall. Managing the vehicles was largely a manually process, without controls, or an ability to predict the future.

Their tracking “system” consisted of using pen and paper, Excel spread sheets and Word files. They didn’t have an easy, reliable, consistent way to gather information from all around the world in a central data warehouse. Nor did they have an easy way to analyze the limited information they did receive. The agency had attempted to build a custom database solution many times, but without tangible results.

They asked WorqSmart to work closely with multiple department leaders to design and build an application to simplify, automate, streamline and reinvent their processes. The solution was to consist of a software application and web site that would easily gather all the information needed. Reports and tools were required to help them analyze their processes, fix their problems, and better predict their future.

WorqSmart was asked us to build a working prototype to prove and solve their problem using FileMaker Pro 8.5, because of its reputation as a flexible, versatile, and forgiving rapid development tool. Once we proved the viability of the application, they asked us to build a “hardened” version using Servoy and Java to build a front-end application and web site connecting to a MSSQL back-end database.

Our solution gave them the ability to make quick data-driven decisions that improved the health, stability, reliability, and longevity of their fleet. These data-driven decisions also resulted in reducing costs, improving parts, and improving productivity. They are much more informed and in control of the health of their fleet, including the ability to more accurately predict and plan for the future.

I have found that our WorqSmart consultants are quick to learn the nuances of our business processes and use that understanding to take complex business logic and simplify it into an intuitive solution.

– Elizabeth Field
Senior Engineer